Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The last post briefly mentioned Dublin, which we have long since left. Sophie and I are currently enjoying ourselves in Edinburgh, Scotland. We had a short stay in Liverpool to soak up some Beatles history along the way. Now, I only have 5 minutes and 3 seconds to finish this before my internet time runs out, so here's the abridged version of each place.

Dublin: Easy to get around on foot and lots to see. Free tour with some crazy history about Ireland; made even cooler being where it all went down. We met lots of great people in our fantastic hostel and enjoyed some of the local nightlife and traditional music.

Liverpool: Very short stay but worth it for the Beatles museum and other random free things available.

Edinburgh: Another hostel stay since neither of us have a connection here but it's worth it because the city is beautiful and the sites are amazing. Took another free walking tour which ran 4 hours before seeing some museums and such. Needless to say we are both pretty exhausted so we're relaxing now before heading out to find some local music.

Ok, that's the rundown, I have 41 seconds left so I need to jet.



  1. ...

    I have no witty remark this time.

    America's Next Top Model just started again last night. It's not the same watching it without you! It went from "haha, we're two dorky guys watching this girly show, making fun of all the whiny gals" to "I'm pathetic" really quickly! Boo!

    Do you actually read these comments? Say so if you do! Otherwise I promise that my next comment here will be wildly inappropriate for all to read!

  2. yes, i do (and maybe others do too)! and they are appreciated!
    and you best be recording every ANTM for my return! (jk, maybe?)