Monday, September 21, 2009

Just wanted to put up some pictures and let people know that I made a facebook album with a lot more. Sorry if you don't have FB, but it's much faster to put them there than here.

This is our little herd of sheep that we brought over the mountain.

Sophie and I went to see a glacier today. Here we are on the way to it, standing in front of a waterfall of melted glacier water!

Norge er fantastisk


  1. I hope you nabbed me a piece of the glacier for my collection!! No, I'm not kidding!! Ice is a mineral!! I have a mineral collection!!

    Okay... I'm kidding. Not about ice being a mineral, but, you know... the bringing it back to me part.

  2. Oh, but I meant to say: I'm so effing jealous of you right now. SO. EFFING.