Tuesday, October 13, 2009


That's right, I have left Scandinavia altogether and headed to mainland Europe! It all came fairly quickly and I haven't planned out too well what my itinerary will be, but I have the next three days here to figure it out. Sophie is still in Sweden and will be there until we meet up again at my cousin's in Germany. Sweden was definitely a great time but I decided that while Sophie is visiting with her family I could see some sights that originally weren't on the schedule. I really wanted to see some Eastern European countries but together Sophie and I didn't have time. Now that I'm meandering on my own I will have no problem plotting a course east!

My plan is to stay in Berlin for a few nights, maybe add another night if I feel like I haven't seen everything I want to here, then catch a train down to Vienna. Stay a while, then head to Budapest before going east into Romania. I don't know how long I will be staying each place but I will be sure to keep everyone updated. I know it's important to let people know where I am and what I'm doing while travelling alone so I will update more frequently during the next few weeks.

But so far so good! Although I've only been in Berlin for a short time, the city seems absolutely incredible! It's a big place (3.something million people) but still totally affordable with lots to see and do. Today I'm on the hunt for a cheap haircut which hopefully will go alright considering my total lack of German. I already learned that just because a giant pair of scissors hangs above a store front doesn't mean it's a hair salon (tailoring shop). The friendly, non-English speaking lady and I played a short game of charades and she pointed me across the street to a REAL salon. Once there the very well-dressed hairdresser gave me a dirty look because I obviously couldn't afford his services. (Imagine me as Julia Roberts ala Pretty Woman wandering helplessly down Rodeo Drive). And although I don't speak German I still got the message of what he was saying, turned tail, and walked out.

I needed a break in an internet cafe, but now I'm recharged and ready to try again! I still have a lot of city to see so I can't spend all day wasting my time on the computer. I will keep you posted when I change location or if any major changes come up. Until then!



  1. Wow! Be careful and have tons of fun. Remember no candy:0

  2. Oh yea and just because there's a picture of a chicken on crisco doesn't mean there's chicken inside.....