Thursday, November 19, 2009

After a series of trains that took us to semi-unplanned destinations, Sophie and I are now happily in Barcelona, enjoying good weather in a beautiful city. Tonight we will be taking a night ferry to Mallorca, which is an island off the coast. We´ll be staying there for a handful of days with a friend of Sophie´s before returning to Spain and taking a night train to Rennes, France.

Our last days in Prague were filled with good food and great company and before we realized it, we were out of time and on the train out. We left on the 17th, which is the day that the Czech Republic celebrates its independence from Soviet rule, which makes 2009 the 20 year anniversary of said independence. Before we left we got to see the thousands of Czech people take to the street in celebration and we also watched a bit of an outdoor choir performance. It would have been fun to stay and see the festivities, but we had a LONG journey from Prague to Barcelona and no time to spare.

Our original plan took us up to Paris and back down to Spain; a dumb course on paper but the fastest route thanks to the high speed trains. When we tried to book our reservations we found that the train was full so we had to scramble for another option. The ticket lady helped and plotted a new course that took about the same amount of time but stopped in Milan before Barcelona; giving us opportunity to spend a bit of time in Italy. I´m not going to complain about having a layover in Italy, and it was fun to be there.

After tonight though, we will have been travelling for 3 nights straight either on night trains or ferries, so I´m really looking forward to the shower I´ll be taking tomorrow (hopefully).

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  1. Sounds like a fun detour! Got the package you sent and put it away for your return. 3 weeks, I'm excited to see you and to hear of your travels
    Love, Momma